The training program is for dancers interested in majorette/jazz styles but are not ready to dedicate themselves yet to performing or competing with Heat. These dancers train 3-5 hours per week in Majorette, Stand Battles, Stretch and Strengthening and Tumbling


Program Cost: $275 per month


The dancers in the competition program compete at all regularly scheduled competitions. They are committed to both training, performing and competing. Competition dancers must train in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, strength and stretch and all majorette classes. They are allowed to take classes outside of Heat DanceLine Studios in order to support this request as long as it does not interfere with the Heat DanceLine schedule.


Program Cost: $275 per month

Battle Squad

The Battle Squad is the specialty team of Heat DanceLine that competes and performs at unique events and performance requests. Each of these dancers are personally selected by the director and all dancers may or may not perform based on the performance or competition guidelines. These dancers train in all of the same styles as the competition team and have additional required rehearsals.

Individual Class

Cost: $50

Three Classes

Cost: $125

Five Classes

Cost: $175

Captain's Spotlight


Olivia Musoke

Olivia is one of Heat Danceline’s senior captains. She has been training in majorette, hip hop, ballet and various other styles for three years. She graduated as Valedictorian of her middle school and continued on with a Presidential Scholarship in high school. Olivia maintains her rigorous class schedule and performance in plays and musicals while training with her Heat family whom she is very grateful to have in her life.


Jada Hairston

Jada is one of Heat Danceline’s amazing junior captains. She has been training in various forms of dance for two years and all while being an A student at her middle school. Her favorite dance styles are hip hop,majorette, and anything she learns from Coach Kale Woods


Miya Wandera

Miya is one of our fierce Senior Captains. Miya has been training various styles of dance for years and brings her unique style to the world of majorette. Miya is a sophomore in highschool and maintains an outstanding GPA, while staying committed to dance. The eldest of six, Miya has a natural leadership ability. Miya’s loves to perform and has been a fan favorite since being on Heat. We are so excited to have Miya as a member of Heats leadership team!


Leila Jackson

Leila a.k.a Slayla is another fabulous Heat Danceline Senior Captain, At only 12 years old, she has maintained a 4.0 G.P.A.  while training in many different styles of dance. Her favorite style is jazz, with Coach Kale. She is more than qualified and excited to be captain as she has won various awards at previous competitions. Leila is beyond thankful of the privilege she has been given to dance and the sisterhood she has become a part of in the process.


Jordyn Green

Jordyn is one of Heat’s junior Captains. She has been training in ballet, jazz,hip hop, contemporary, and majorette for over two years. She also enjoys playing basketball and drums. She is a leader at school, maintaining outstanding grades and being chosen as class president by her teacher in the 4th grade. In dance, Jordyn has won many scholarships and awards, including 3 Pulse on Tour scholarships, Jump VIP winner and 24/7 nonstop dancer. Jordyn dreams of becoming a professional dancer when she grows up.


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Heat Danceline is a high energy majorette team that combines hip hop, jazz, african, contemporary and cheer styles to create a melting pot of excitement.